Help your game with a Range Finder
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Help your game with a Range Finder

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Help your game with a Range Finder
Ontario, Regions

Pinned Golf makes one of a kind golf technology. Our golf rangefinders are trusted by professional golfers all around the world.

Retail Price: $329.99
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From the nine beautiful colors to one of a kind features to countless five star reviews, The Prism rangefinder is the best looking and most feature packed golf rangefinder on the course! 

The Prism combines our most advanced software, top tier materials and a jaw dropping display to allow you to be dialed in every round. 


  • Slope Technology
  • USB-C Charged
  • Built in magnet
  • 60 Round battery life
  • PinnedLock Vibration
  • 2 Year Warranty

Available Colors:
Carolina Blue

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Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions

This offer is fulfilled by a 3rd party supplier. Inventory is believed to be accurate however inventory can fluctuate based on real time demand. In the event where your order can not be fulfilled you will be contacted for and provided a full refund. Orders ship within 3 Business days.